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Would you buy a phone online?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by anaerobic animal, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. anaerobic animal New Member

    Hey ppl,

    just doing a bit of market research. heres the scenario:

    you have the choice of buying a phone online or at a shop. both phones are brand new, sealed & come with a warranty. The online phone is below RRP while the shop sells at the RRP for outright and under a contract which makes it extremely cheap to get the handset but with a commitment.

    Which one would you choose?
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  2. otbennett123 New Member

    sim free from shop, pay them for the good quality, i bought a 6610 for £330 from vodafone sim free
  3. Area52 Active Member

    i would buy it from a shop, its more trusting in my opinion.
  4. alistair New Member

    I've bought a few on ebay before and have had no probs at all! Safety-wise though, shop is better.
  5. Area52 Active Member

    but if you buy a phone second hand on ebay there may be problems with it.
  6. skiddaire New Member

    from a shop.. you know your getting the real thing then and if anything goes wrong you can take it back..
  7. anaerobic animal New Member

    true for second hand phones but im talking new phones. But technically its the same as buying from a shop, if the phones come with a company invoice, u can't argue with that! but i suppose thats just the market...
  8. edwardcarpenter New Member

    I bought a phone on ebay but it as not delivered. I left the seller negitive feedback
  9. Bob New Member

    were ya charged? did e-bay give you your money back?
  10. clactongirl2002 New Member

    yeah were u charged?
  11. Makaveli New Member

    Id buy one that is sim locked and get it unlocked remotly.
  12. jocoolguy Member

    Which one would you choose?[/quote]
    Hai me too bought a locked Mobile phone from online site eBay.com and unlocked it using the online unlocking site.I got Samsung Galaxy S3 from ebay in AT&T locked condition and unlocked it easily using the unlock code from the site Theunlockspot.com
    Locked phones are costs very low than an unlocked phone.So I would suggest everyone to buy a locked phone and unlock it.

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