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WWE Wrestling Streams

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dan, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Dan New Member

    WWE Raw: Every Mondays (2am UK TIME)
    WWE Smackdown: Every Thrusday (Saturday UK! But can be watched if its streamed)

    The links for raw:;stream.nsv;stream.nsv;stream.nsv

    The links for smackdown:;stream.nsv

    The one for PPV's main events is probably:
    mms:// This one plays in win media

    mms (windows media player) the other's are winamp.

    Wrestling will not be on these streams all the time, could be Basketball, Cartoons.
    Wrestling will only be on, on the dates i set above.
  2. Dan New Member

    If no one saw it last night the Royal rumble was streamed and damn it was a BEAUTIFUL picture its was great. Raw is going to be streamed tonight from my living room lol click the top link. to watch it 2am UK time!
  3. bunny New Member

    hey this links arent working for me.windows media player says server not responding .can u help me out pls....reply fast pls
  4. bharalanga Member

    dont work for me either

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