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You Request, I Find

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Phoenix, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. Phoenix ٠ вåřьẻŗ ٠

    Get more than 10 posts and request ur fav song with ur email address to me and i will (*try*) and get it for u, FREE. Offer ends July 15th
  2. neverperfect New Member

    oh sheesh i think ill have to slap myself
  3. Phoenix ٠ вåřьẻŗ ٠

    dont fuckin cheek
  4. Phoenix ٠ вåřьẻŗ ٠

    tell me wot u want and ill give it to u! FREE!

    If u want it copied onto a CD it will cost ya though!
  5. neverperfect New Member

    but then again getting it off you will be a long process which could be sped up by a file sharing program
  6. Phoenix ٠ вåřьẻŗ ٠

    woteva, i cud get it for u if u want! up 2 u! i dont really care
  7. neverperfect New Member

    can you get an album for me then?
  8. jackass New Member

    i jus want to ask u all how the fuck do u get like a picture to appear in ur signature
  9. neverperfect New Member

    first of all, chitchat section, second of all read the bb section in the faq part
  10. Modern Enigma New Member

    Can u get me Liberty X's song Just a little bit and could you get me Nelly's song It's hot in herre??? Pls help me Pheonix!
  11. neverperfect New Member

    can you get me any entire album by Greenday except dookie
  12. sexyjade New Member

    I use flexor to download my music and I also wanna find Nelly's song It's hot in herre and Liberty X's song Just a little bit but flexor does not hav dem!!! Does any1 know a site???
  13. neverperfect New Member

    hey sexyjade use filesharing programs like kazaalite and winmx, and i have that liberty x tune
  14. sexyjade New Member

    ta chuck
  15. neverperfect New Member

    look for DJMusicMakerDa5Wun314 thats my username on winmx i got the liberty x tune in my shares folder
  16. Phoenix ٠ вåřьẻŗ ٠

    pretty long username, win amp is crap compared to Kazzaa i think
  17. neverperfect New Member

    depends on what ur looking for though. win mx is plenty to find but unreliable kazaa has limited results but is reliable
  18. Admin Administrator

    i dont really like KaZaa coz it has "spyware"
  19. neverperfect New Member

    yeh so use kazaa lit
  20. Admin Administrator

    i prefer winmx coz its faster than KaZaa. well..it is for me anyway...

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